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hackSheffield 6
7th - 8th November 2020
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We're hosting the sixth installment of our student hackathon with support from the University of Sheffield, open to students across the world! Join in and form a team of hackers to create something new and exciting.

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  • 09:00 Registration & Team Building
  • 11:00 Welcome Talk
  • 12:00 Hacking Begins
  • 14:00 Intro to APIs
  • 15:00 Secure Software Development
  • 16:00 Bob Ross Painting
  • 17:00 Jetbrains Code Golf
  • 19:00 Slideshow Karaoke
  • 20:30 Games Night


  • 12:00 Hacking Ends
  • 12:30 Science Fair
  • 15:30 Closing Talk
  • Key
  • Hacking Times
  • Workshop
  • Mini Event


hackSheffield wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. If you're interested in sponsoring hackSheffield, please see our sponsor page for more info.




What is hackSheffield?

It's a hackathon ran by students from the University of Sheffield, open to students around the world!

What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is a programming marathon, where teams of 2-4 put their ideas together to create something exciting in only 24 hours. It gives teams of hackers a chance to turn their ideas into reality.

How will this year's hackathon be run?

Due to COVID-19, we will be running hackSheffield 6 digitally, meaning it will be more accessible than ever!

Can I attend?

To attend as a hacker, you need to be a university student or have left university in the past year. Apologies, but we are unable to accept under 18s.

Is it free?

It's free to attend, but you'll need to reserve a ticket ahead of time. We'll post on social media and our mailing list when tickets are available.

Code of conduct?

We follow the MLH Code of Conduct.


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Jen Ollett
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Tom Keeble
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